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Home Going Back to The Basics! Some time-tested tips that have always worked.

Going Back to The Basics! Some time-tested tips that have always worked.

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There is a lot of information out there when you try searching for Tips on getting hired. Everyone seems to have some advice on how to do it right. In fact, there is so much out there it can get confusing, and often this advice is contradictory. So, here’s some more advice!  (laughing out loud) just kidding! But yes, here’s a bit more.

  1. Remember that your Resume is not a “fixed” in time document.

Your Resume is the story about you and your qualifications. You have put much effort into making it a spectacular document that tells someone just what you can do, right? Sometimes not! Make sure your resume is going to be looked at for the position you are applying for. If the current position does not directly match for a particular position or role you are going for, do not be afraid to modify working, and switch around key terms, and swap bullet points to highlight certain skill sets and experience. You must treat your resume as a living, breathing document throughout your job search and career. 

  1. Do Not Bore Anyone into Hiring You!

Make sure you sell yourself. Make yourself polished and endearing. Memorable, likable candidates are almost always the ones who get to the front of the line, the top of the stack, and get the positions. Perfect resumes, answering all the “correct” interview questions, or using all the common phraseology (i.e. clichés) throughout the resume make you look non-genuine, and the resume feel “canned.” Make yourself standout in a professional manner, and leave “boring” behind. 

  1. Say Thank you!

I think this is the most overlooked “responsibility” we as job seeks forget. Most of the time anymore, you interview for a position, and then sit back and hope for the best. No follow up, and more often than not, no Thank You! 

Again, you want to stand out from the crowd. One of the easiest ways to do this – is the simple follow up thank you note. 

I have interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of candidates over my lifetime, and the majority never follow up, and most never say thank you. If I find a follow up email with a thank you, that candidate gets a for sure second look. This little thing can really set you apart from the many you are competing with for a position. 

You might want to consider crafting, original, genuine thank you notes (one for each interviewer) the moment you get back to a computer, following the interview. The quality of the note, and the timeliness which you send the note, will make an impact. 

That’s It! Some more advice……

Going Back to The Basics! Some time-tested tips that have always worked.
Greg Christmas